Fresh raw chicken meat and chicken parts

Bicks Services

Bicks Services


It is our flexible approach that really sets us apart from other suppliers.  Because, simply put, we are happy to work 'your way' and willing to go the extra mile wherever possible. Whether that's an emergency delivery, a follow-up delivery or a special request.

Customers can purchase from us in complete confidence that we keep clear records of the provenance of all of our products, their ultimate origin and their links in the food chain.

As an established company and one that has been trading for many years we think we have an unrivaled range of products. All of our products have been sourced from local farmers or national and international suppliers that all have full EC Licenses and that comply with all EC Directives and Regulations.

Everything we sell has full trace-ability, which means that every product can be traced from its source to delivery to the customer.

Risk Assessment and HACCP
Thorough checks and detailed documentation covering full Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is regularly undertaken. Ensuring total quality assurance for every key area of our company.

Food Hygiene and Training
All staff members have been trained and have received the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. Our more senior staff and management hold intermediate and advanced food hygiene certificates.

Factory Inspections
We welcome and encourage both our existing customers and potential customers to visit our site and see for themselves the high standards that we set.